baby jonathanThere are many ways of informing the whole world and the people you care about that you have a new baby. You could tweet it, post photos of your baby on social networks, send out cards, make phone calls, send text messages, and etc. Well it seems that more conventional methods wasn’t enough for Andreas Kleinke, a former training manager for the Apple Online Store team.

Instead what Kleinke did was take his love for Apple and his baby and mimicked the Apple website, except that instead of showcasing Apple products, Kleinke’s Apple website clone featured photos of his baby which he attempted to describe in the same way and style that Apple would have described their products.

For example Kleinke has described his son has having a “20-inch seamless unibody enclosure”, “ten meticulously aligned fingers”, and a “maximum volume going all the way up to 120 dB”. According to Kleinke, he got the idea at the Apple company store in Cupertino where they sold a baby onesie which read, “Brand new mini”.

“Since I was messing around with WordPress at the time, one thing led to another. I even got around to making the site Retina-ready, but before I could get it responsive Jonathan arrived and I’m happy to say that responsive web design is the last thing on my mind right now.” It’s a pretty clever, funny, and incredibly sweet way of sharing his joy and if you’d like to check out the website for yourself, head on over to his website for the “specs”!

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