google-classroomGoogle has yet another service for the masses that might just be of interest to you – it is known as Google Classroom, and back when it was introduced in May earlier this year, educators who gave it a go had a very positive experience with it, and it was not limited to a small group since over 100,000 educators from more than 45 countries actually signed up for a preview. It is nice to know then, that after ironing out whatever kinks there were, Google Classroom has just launched, being made available to all Google Apps for Education users so that teachers are more effective in their work, spending more time teaching instead of having those precious minutes taken up by paperwork.

Fontbonne Hall Academy in Brooklyn, New York was one of the first schools to make use of Google Classroom, and according to Sister Rosemarie DeLoro who has been teaching for more than six decades, did not use computers with her students prior to Classroom. She advocated the implementation of Classroom since it had become a whole lot easier for her to assign digital worksheets to students in her Italian class, as well as deliver feedback directly to assist them in learning.

Classroom arrives in 42 languages (and these will include right-to-left ones, such as Hebrew, Arabic and Persian). It also plays nice on mobile devices as well as majority of the other screen readers. [Press Release]

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