Late yesterday evening, we did bring you word on how Google purchased Emu, only to discontinue its service later this 25th of August. Perhaps Google wanted just Emu’s development team, and to have them concentrate on other weightier matters (in Google’s eyes, at least) rather than making the Emu app better. Well, here we are with word that Google has also picked up yet another company, which is known as Directr – via its Youtube unit.


Directr is an app from a video-editing startup that would enable small businesses gain a possible edge over the larger and major players in the form of helping business owners come up with marketing videos of their own. This works great especially when you need to get the word out there, but your company somehow does not have the kind of ability to fork out the dough for such marketing activities.

There has been no sharing on the financial terms involved in the acquisition of Directr by Google so far. It is interesting to note that right now, the Directr app can be downloaded for the iOS platform, and all versions will be free to the masses once the acquisition is complete. In fact, the slew of Directr employees will now team up with Google’s YouTube video-ads team.

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