gimageDo you think that the world would come to a crunching halt if Google’s services were to go down and out for good? Some might answer in the affirmative, but in reality, it would most probably be a huge inconvenience to the masses. Well, Google might be king in terms of search, but that does not mean that they are infallible. Several Google users have reported that performing a search for images via Google’s picture search service resulted in multiple images of a car crash, where that car crash took place in front of a sign that has “Stop” written over it – in the Russian tongue.


Not everyone who used Google’s image search were able to replicate such a result, but it cannot be helped that folks from all of the world who have not met one another before, have started to talk about this – and you know how fast word gets around on the Internet these days. In fact, this apparent glitch also happens even when one is using a private browsing mode, regardless of which browser is in action. Perhaps Google’s image search had been hacked?

Google has already acknowledged that there is such an issue, but has not shared on the reason for the image being repeated.

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