We reported last month that actress Lindsay Lohan has filed a lawsuit against GTA V creator Rockstar for allegedly basing a character on her without her permission. Lohan wasn’t the only one who made such a claim. A daughter of a mob boss also claimed that Rockstar used her life-story and her likeness without seeking permission. Rockstar’s parent company Take-Two Interactive has hit now, claiming in a new legal filing that Lohan has filed this lawsuit primarily for “publicity purposes.”

In her lawsuit, Lindsay Lohan claimed that the GTA V character Lacey Jonas was modeled after her, and that Jonas has been styled after Lohan’s own clothing line. It was also claimed that the character looks and talks like Lohan.

Take-Two has termed this as a frivolous lawsuit, claiming that the actress is only out to gain publicity. They’ve pled to the court to throw the lawsuit out and order Lohan to pay their legal fees.

As far as modeling Lacey Jonas after Lindsay Lohan is concerned, Take-Two claims that they haven’t used the star’s likeness or voice. Instead it says that the only similarity between the two is that they’re both young, blonde women.

There hasn’t been a response from Lohan’s lawyer as yet and the court will take its time to decide whether or not the lawsuit should be thrown out.

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