Earlier this year both Apple and Google showed off some new software. Google lifted the wraps off of Android Auto which essentially projects a mobile device’s Android experience to an in-dash display. Apple unveiled CarPlay which brings its iOS experience to vehicles. Two of the biggest car manufacturers that had committed to supporting CarPlay and launching support by the end of this year have announced a delay. They now commit to supporting CarPlay in 2015.

Mercedes-Benz confirmed that as of now it does not support the technology in its series production cars, adding that it is working on a “highly sophisticated head-unit based solution” that will not only enable CarPlay but other systems as well. However CarPlay won’t hit its vehicles by the end of this year instead Benz owners will have to wait until 2015.

On the other hand Volvo says that while it will offer “preparation” for CarPlay in XC90, full functionality should not be expected until next year at the very least. It merits mentioning here that Hyundai had also committed to supporting the technology by the end of this year but the 2015 Sonata models it is shipping now don’t have support.

The manufacturers have not provided any details about why these delays are taking place. Apple too has remained mum on the situation. Its possible that they may be waiting for the iOS 8’s iteration of CarPlay to be released. The upcoming software release is expected to roll out after the new iPhones are shipped next month.

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