One of the advantages and features of Tesla’s cars is that they come with a huge infotainment display. If you’re looking to furnish your car with a similar system, then you might be interested to learn that Sony has recently debuted their new CarPlay infotainment unit that comes with a pretty big 8.95-inch display.

Granted, it’s probably still not as big as you might find in a Tesla, but it should still be big enough where you can show information like maps and view it clearly. This unit will support both CarPlay and Android Auto, depending on your personal preference. It is also designed to fit into a single-DIN space in your dashboard, meaning that it shouldn’t be an issue getting it to fit into most cars.

Other features include a four-channel amplifier that can deliver 55-watts per channel, a two-mode base boost system, a Dynamic Stage Organizer, and a 10-band equalizer. There is also support for FLAC files and up to 24-bit depth and a sampling frequency of 48GHz. If this sounds like an aftermarket CarPlay/Android Auto unit that you might be interested in, the Sony XAV-AX8000 is expected to arrive this coming December where it will be priced at $600.

We wouldn’t exactly call it cheap, but it is one of the more affordable ways of bringing modern smarts to existing vehicles.

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