Sony Reader WiFi BlackThey say that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. However, things are not all that smooth sailing when it comes to the consumer electronics market, as there are times where it simply does not make any financial sense to remain in a particular market unless you are willing to burn even larger amounts of money. Sony, being one of the early adopters where eBook readers are concerned, looks as though they are about to exit, stage left.

Does anyone still remember the early days of the Sony Reader? The ability to read digital books on a portable device certainly went down well with some people, although the E Ink screen is unable to hold a candle to the high end screens even in that time when it comes to color and refresh rates. It did not matter though, as keeping one entertained with moving pictures was not its primary purpose – the sole reason for its existence was to make sure that you would be able to exercise your imagination as words form images and pictures in your mind.

Not only that, the long battery life also helped boost its presence in the market. Well, the decline of eBook readers cannot be said to be sudden, as last year Sony decided not to release its latest eReader model in North America, while shuttng down the digital book store in those regions afterwards. It seems as though Sony is about to quite the eBook reader market in due tie.

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