baidu-eye-2Earlier this morning, we brought you word on Baidu Eye being spotted over at Baidu World that is happening in Beijing, China. This particular piece of wearable tech is very different from what one would expect with a name like Baidu Eye – and as we have mentioned, it lacks any kind of screen or optical display. Rather, there will be an ear piece that is located on its left arm which will be able to convey information over to the user as and when required. Do check out a photo gallery of the Baidu Eye in the extended post.

Apart from that, there is also a camera on the other arm that will be able to snap photos, use its pre-loaded algorithms to recognize objects and analyze the information collected concerning its immediate surroundings. Not only that, since you will receive the information processed on the smartphone display (or other mobile device) that is connected to it, it would make life a whole lot easier compared to browsing such meta data on a tiny mounted screen, in addition to helping solve potential battery life issues to boot.

There will also be support for voice commands and gesture commands, including being able to expand to zoom, to circle an object with one’s finger, to identify plants or even search for products on e-commerce sites – which is limited to just handbags and clothes at the moment, although there is every reason to see an expansion of products in the future. As for pricing and availability details, those have not been revealed just yet.

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