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This Could Be Our First Look At The Google Pixel Watch
For years, ever since Google launched Wear OS, many have wondered if Google could eventually launch their own brand of smartwatches. Those rumors have persisted for years, but that could change this year as Google is rumored to finally announce and launch their own Pixel-branded wearable. Debuts A Futuristic Face Mask With HEPA Filters
Based on what we know about the coronavirus and the vaccines, there is a good chance that mask wearing could be something we’ll have to practice for the years to come. So much so that we’re starting to see companies come up with more environmentally-friendly solutions compared to the one-time use masks that are commonly used today.

Tim Cook Interview Seemingly Teases Apple’s Plans For An AR Headset
A popular rumor making their rounds in the past few years is that Apple could be looking to develop their very own pair of AR glasses. We’ve seen this attempted by the likes of Google in the past, although it wasn’t very successful, so while it does seem like an exciting prospect for Apple, we are a bit skeptical.

You Might Be Able To Blow On Your Apple Watch To Interact With It In The Future
The Apple Watch can be interacted with by touching it or using Siri, but if Apple has their way, a future Apple Watch could actually accept commands if you were to blow on it. It sounds like an April Fools’ joke, but this is an actual patent that the folks at Patently Apply have come across in their research.


Casio Unveils Their First Ever G-Shock Smartwatch With Wear OS
Due to smartwatches typically sporting a full touchscreen display, this means that a lot of smartwatches have no choice but to come up with a different form factor from more traditional watches, something that some people might lament. However, if you’re a fan of Casio’s G-Shock series, you’re in luck.

Apple’s Mixed Reality Headset Could Debut In The Next Few Months
It is no secret that Apple is working on a mixed reality headset and that the company could launch the device ahead of their augmented reality glasses. In fact, it could be very soon, at least according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman who claims that Apple will launch the device in the coming months.

Snap Could Be Working On A Pair Of Augmented Reality Glasses
When it comes to wearables, Snap is no stranger to that scene. The company has released a couple iterations of its Spectacles to date, but it looks like the company wants to expand and take things to the next level. This is according to a report from The Information (paywall) who claims that Snap is apparently looking to launch a pair of augmented reality (AR) glasses.

Niantic Teases Their Own Pair Of Augmented Reality Glasses
Niantic is the company that many of you might know for games like Pokemon GO, an augmented reality based game where players can walk around in real-world locations to catch various Pokemon and play against other players. The company did help make augmented reality games popular and showcase their potential.

Study Finds That The Apple Watch Can Be Used To Assess Frailty
The Apple Watch comes with a bunch of features built into it that are related to health. This includes a heart rate sensor, an ECG monitor, a blood oxygen monitor, and so on. Those tools are rather straightforward in what they can do, but a recent study conducted by researchers at the University of Stanford, they have found that the Apple Watch can do more than that.

iOS 14.4.2 Will Fix A Dangerous Safari Exploit
If you own an iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch, then you might want to update your devices ASAP. This is because Apple has released iOS 14.4.2 which comes with a fix for an exploit in Safari that could allow for hackers to potentially manipulate websites through cross site scripting when viewed through Safari on your mobile devices.

Razer Plans To Make Its Project Hazel Mask A Reality
Earlier this year during CES 2021, Razer unveiled Project Hazel. For those who missed it, Project Hazel is a smart mask that comes with protective features designed to help keep bad things in the air out of our bodies. It was more of a proof of concept at the time of launch, but Razer really wants to make it a reality.

Apple Could Be Considering Making A Rugged Version Of The Apple Watch
The Apple Watch has been billed as a wearable that can be used in all kinds of situations, whether you need it for an evening out, going to work or school, or using it for sporting activities. The main difference would be the band, where you might opt for a silicone band for sporting activities and a metal one for a more fashionable look.

Researchers Develop AI Backpack That Helps Guide People With Vision Impairment
People who are vision impaired might have a hard time getting around as they might not be able to see or might have a hard time seeing, especially if they’re going to some place new that they’re not familiar with. However, researchers at the University of Georgia have created a backpack system powered by AI that can help guide people around.

OnePlus Debuts Its First Ever Smartwatch
OnePlus is a company that is known for their smartphones. The company has dabbled in other product categories in the past, such as headphones, and now it looks like they’re expanding their offerings by creating and launching their first ever smartwatch that comes in the form of the OnePlus Watch.

Apple Glasses Could Adapt Itself To The Wearer’s Eyesight
The problem with smart glasses is that for some users who might wear prescription glasses, it can be a bit difficult. It also means that manufacturers need to take into account for that and create more models, which complicates the process. However, Apple thinks that they might have a solution.

Apple Could Be Working On An Apple Watch With A Wrap Around Display
With rumors suggesting that Apple could be looking into flexible displays for a future iPhone, we can’t say that this recent patent comes as a surprise. According to the folks at MacRumors, they have come across a patent filed by Apple in which it seems to suggest that Apple is exploring the idea of an Apple Watch with a wrap around display.

Apple’s Mixed Reality Headset Could Weigh Under 150 Grams
Word on the street has it that Apple is developing its own mixed reality headset that could launch as soon as next year. The problem with a lot of mixed reality headsets is that they tend to be quite heavy due to all the hardware stuffed inside of it, which means that they can’t be worn for very long periods of time.

OnePlus Watch Will Not Run On Google’s Wear OS
The OnePlus Watch will be revealed in the next couple of days, but it seems that OnePlus has been steadily releasing more information about the watch ahead of its launch, one of which is the operating system of choice, where OnePlus will not be using Google’s Wear OS and will instead feature its own custom platform.

This Is What The OnePlus Watch Looks Like
As some of you might have heard, OnePlus will be launching their very own smartwatch soon, but it seems that ahead of the official announcement, the folks at Unbox Therapy have posted an image of what is apparently the upcoming OnePlus Watch, revealing the design of the watch in the process.

Apple’s VR Headset Could Feature Eye Tracking, Iris Recognition
If you buy into the rumors, you might have heard reports that Apple is apparently looking to launch a VR headset next year. We know that there have been rumors about a pair of AR glasses, but apparently Apple wants to launch a VR headset first. Now thanks to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, details about the alleged VR headset have surfaced.