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Apple Could Be Tapping Sony For Its Smart Glasses Displays
Word on the street has it that Apple is working on a pair of augmented reality based smart glasses. When exactly this will be released remains to be seen, but it seems that Apple could be working on securing suppliers for their device, and a new report is claiming that Apple is looking at Sony as one of them.

Apple’s AR Glasses Could Allow Users To Compare Products Side-By-Side
One of the joys of shopping online is that you can easily and quickly compare prices. Say you  walk into a store and you see an item you like but it feels a bit too expensive. All you need to do is pull up your phone, type in the name of the product, and you should be able to find alternative retailers and prices.

Apple Watch SE Overheating For Some Users
According to reports coming out of South Korea, it appears that some customers who purchased the Apple Watch SE are experiencing overheating with their smartwatches. Thankfully, there have been no reports of explosions or any serious injuries, with the worst one we came across where the hot Apple Watch left a red mark on the person’s wrist.

watchOS 7.0.2 Addresses The Battery Drain Issue
If you own the Apple Watch and you’re experiencing some battery drain after updating to watchOS 7, then you might be pleased to learn that Apple has since released an update that bumps the firmware up to watchOS 7.0.2 in which Apple claims that the update will fix battery drain issues that some users have been experiencing.


These Earphones Can Track Your Facial Expressions
We get that sometimes you’d rather not be on webcam during a conference call. Maybe you’re embarrassed because your home is messy, or maybe you just want a modicum of privacy, but sometimes, having face-to-face conversations is better because you can see a person’s facial expression and make the call feel a bit more personal.

Apple Watch Helped A Man Call For Help Following Car Crash
We have heard stories about how the Apple Watch has saved many a life thanks to features like its built-in heart rate monitor, but there are also other safety features that might not necessarily get covered too much, like its built-in SOS feature which recently helped a man call for help following a car crash.

Polar’s New Vantage V2 Is Aimed At Triathletes
When it comes to wearables, there are some who choose to wear it as a fashion statement, while others might choose to use it as a productivity tool, but if you’re really into sports and fitness, then Polar might have something for you as the company has announced their latest wearable – the Polar Vantage V2.

The US Army Is Putting AR Goggles On Dogs
You know those cool heads-up displays we typically see in sci-fi or action movies? Turns out that the US army wants them too, and it seems that they have already implemented something similar. However, it appears that soldiers won’t be wearing these goggles, instead it looks like military dogs will be given them instead.

Google And Samsonite Team Up For A Project Jacquard Backpack
For those who are unfamiliar, Google’s Project Jacquard is about trying to make our everyday clothing smarter. This is done by inserting sensors into our clothes that make them responsive to touches and gestures that are then relayed to a smartphone. However, it seems that Google is now expanding Project Jacquard by bringing it to backpacks.

Researchers Develop Wearable That Detects Epileptic Seizures An Hour Early
People who suffer from epileptic seizures might find it hard to live a normal life. This is because sometimes these seizures can happen without warning, and it can be dangerous because it can lead to accidents, injury, and sometimes even death. However, researchers from the Ben-Gurion University of Negev in Israel have developed something that could address that.

watchOS 7 Is Causing Apple Watch Series 3 To Randomly Reboot
Apple’s watchOS 7 was released not too long ago and the update brings a host of new features and improvements to the Apple Watch. However, it seems that if you’re the owner of an Apple Watch Series 3 and you have yet to update to the latest version of watchOS, you might want to hold off on that for now.

Apple’s Smart Glasses Could Beam Images Directly To Your Pupils
Headsets for virtual reality setups tend to be bulky because of the displays that they put inside of them. However, it seems that Apple might have an idea for a VR/AR headset that could in theory be more compact as the company is toying with a slightly different idea on how to allow users to see the images or videos in the headset.

Apple Watch’s ECG Feature Expands To More Countries
One of the features Apple brought to the Apple Watch a while back was ECG monitoring. Unlike the heart rate monitor, the ECG monitor attempts to check your heart rate for any irregularities, which could be a sign of something wrong. However, given that this is classified as a medical feature, it wasn’t available worldwide when it launched.

watchOS 7 Removes Force Touch From The Apple Watch
When Apple first launched the Apple Watch, it was the first Apple product to feature the use of Force Touch, which for those unfamiliar is a pressure-sensitive technology that offers up different modes depending on how hard you press on the screen. However, it seems that with watchOS 7, Apple has effectively removed the feature for good.