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Future AirPods Could Come With Health Monitoring Light Sensors
Headphones with built-in health monitoring features aren’t new, but it looks like Apple wants to get in on the action. This is according to a recent DigiTimes report in which they claim that Apple could potentially use ambient light sensors in a future pair of AirPods, but it stops short of actually mentioning why.

Scientists Create A Cyborg Eye That’s Almost Like The Real Thing
The problem with a lot of prosthetics today is that they don’t 100% mimic human parts, although some really do come close. However, thanks to the work of scientists at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, they have developed a cyborg eye that is said to be almost like the real thing.

Fitbit Wants To See If Its Wearables Can Detect COVID-19
A couple of weeks ago, Fitbit launched a study in which they wanted to see if their wearables were capable of detecting irregular heart beats. Now it looks like the company wants to see if its wearables might actually be capable of doing more than that, such as being able to detect early on if the wearer might have the flu or even COVID-19.

Apple Glasses Could Also Be Available In A ‘Steve Jobs Heritage Edition’
The other day, a plethora of Apple Glasses related rumors leaked. This included some of the glasses’ features, price, and design, but now according to a new leak by Jon Prosser, he revealed on the Cult of Mac podcast that apparently Apple could be planning what he calls the “Steve Jobs Heritage Edition” glasses.


This Robotic Face Mask Can Automatically Open And Close If There Are People Around
Wearing a face mask for an extended period of time can get slightly uncomfortable. This is because if face masks are worn properly, it is meant to help create a seal around your nose and mouth so help prevent bacteria and particles from coming in through the sides. As a result, it does end up restricting your breathing by a bit.

This Copper-Laced Jacket Could Help Prevent The Coronavirus From Spreading
Depending on the material of a surface, the coronavirus can live for hours or up to days. However, did you know that copper actually can kill viruses? In fact, back in the day, hospitals actually used copper for things like doorknobs to prevent bacteria and virus from spreading, and in 2015, researchers found that copper alloys used in hospital settings actually reduced infection rates by as much as 58%.

Massive Apple Glasses Leak Reveals A Ton Of New information
There have been many rumors surrounding the much-anticipated Apple Glasses.  This is because it represents a brand new product category for Apple, and one that has admittedly not exactly fared too well commercially in the past. Whether or not Apple will be able to pull it off while others have failed remains to be seen, but here’s what we know so far.

New Rumor Claims Apple’s AR Glasses Will Launch In 2021, Not 2022
The other day, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claimed that Apple’s AR glasses will most likely not be revealed until 2022 at the earliest. Given Kuo’s near impeccable track record when it comes to reporting on Apple’s unannounced plans, this was probably as close as we could have gotten to an official confirmation of sorts.

Apple’s AR Glasses Will Launch In 2022 At The Earliest
Apple’s interest in augmented reality technology is pretty well-known, but the company is expected to take things one step further by releasing a brand new product based on the technology. This is expected to come in the form of a pair of smart glasses that would be akin to what Google had attempted in the past.

Check Out This Inflatable Scooter That Can Fit In Your Backpack
Cycling, skating, or hopping onto a scooter is no doubt a faster mode of transportation compared to walking. However, the downside is that you need to bring it around with you and find a place to keep it. There is also the risk of it getting stolen. However, thanks to researchers at the University of Tokyo, they have developed an e-scooter that is inflatable and fits inside of your backpack.

watchOS 7 Could Come With The Ability To Detect Panic Attacks
The Apple Watch has done a great job so far of being able to pick up on heart issues, but what about other health problems? It turns out that one potential new feature coming to the Apple Watch is the ability to look out for mental health problems, such as panic attacks. This is according to Jon Prosser who recently spoke on an episode of the Geared Up podcast.

Fitbit Launches Study To See If Its Devices Can Detect Irregular Heartbeats
Apple has found tremendous success with its Apple Watch, where over the years, we’ve come across countless stories of how the wearable was able to detect abnormal heart rates and inform the wearer that they should seek medical help, saving live in the process. In fact, recently there was an incident where the Apple Watch detected a problem that a more traditional ECG machine did not.

Apple Watch Helped Woman Prove To Her Doctors She Had A Heart Issue
It is often recommended that features on our smartwatches, like the ECG tool built into the Apple Watch, should not be used to replace actual professional medical equipment. This means that you shouldn’t 100% rely on the readings to self-diagnose, but rather you could take the readings as a sign that you should get yourself checked out.

Samsung’s Smartwatches Get A New Blood Pressure Monitoring App
Our smartwatches are getting better at what they do, where they can monitor more than just our daily activities like our steps taken, calories burnt, and so on. For example, the Apple Watch comes with an ECG monitoring tool that can alert the wearer if there are any issues with their hearts.