Sometimes, even the most unlikely things can go viral on the internet. That’s really the power of this medium, it can take something to heights of popularity in a very short span of time, this is what we call “going viral,” and the latest video to get this treatment is of a mom in Chewbacca mask. In case you don’t know who Chewbacca is (what’s wrong with you), he’s the furry and loyal companion to Han Solo in the Star Wars movies.


This is the story of Candace Payne. She was returning clothes at Kohl’s and that’s when she found this talking Chewbacca mask. She points out in the video that she bought the mask not for her children but for herself.

“I mean, I’ll let them play with it, I’m not a bad mom, I’m not a jerk, but in all honesty, at the end of the day, it doesn’t go in their toy box, it goes in my room,” she says in her video, which was publicly shared on Facebook.

The video is about four minutes long and it’s one of the most hilarious things you will find on the internet today. Even she can’t stop but laugh like crazy at her antics. It really is fun to watch.

Thank you, Candace Payne, for making our weekends light up with your infectious laugh.

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