8th Generation Intel Processors Will Be 30% Faster Than 7th Gen

Intel confirmed earlier this year that its 8th generation processors will be built on the 14 nanometer process yet again. It’s the fourth time in a row that the company has stuck to this process for its new lineup of chips. The company didn’t really say then what the improvements were going to be but it did claim a 15 percent performance improvement over the existing 7th Generation of Core processors. Intel now says that the performance gain is actually going to be 30 percent.

Intel confirmed at Computex 2017 that the performance improvement that it talked about previously doesn’t show the full picture. It says that the upcoming 8th Generation Core processors will actually provide 30 percent improved performance compared to the 7th Generation Core processors.

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It merits mentioning here that Intel has based this figure off of the Sysmark benchmark, but it goes to show that we can expect more from the company’s next-generation processors.

The company didn’t really say more about the 8th Generation processors during its keynote at Computex 2017. There’s no change in the fact that they’re based on the 14 nanometer architecture and that Intel is going to release them at some point later this year.

Intel has launched its new Core X family of processors today, based on the Skylake architecture, the new family even comes with top-of-the-line Core i9 models for those who want more performance.

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