When Pokemon GO was first shown off, it showed us what we could expect in terms of player battles, legendary Pokemon, and so on. However quite a lot of those features have yet to be launched despite Pokemon GO having been out for a while now. The good news is that the wait could soon be coming to an end.


During the 21st Annual Webby Awards, Niantic was awarded a handful of awards including “Best Mobile Game”, and during the acceptance of the award, Niantic’s Archit Bhargava who is the company’s global marketing product lead, hinted that legendary Pokemon would be launched this coming summer.

In his acceptance speech, Bhargava said only five words which left little to the imagination, which was, “This summer will be legendary”. Now we know that Niantic has promised that legendary Pokemon, player trading, and player battles would be features that would be launched in the near future, but without a specific time frame we’re sure that more than one gamer has started to get a bit antsy.

So while other features are still unclear in terms of their release, it seems that as far as legendary Pokemon are concerned, this summer could be it! So, who else is excited?

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