Does Blizzard have a new game in the works? Maybe they have something for Overwatch? According to a recent job listing spotted by the folks at NeoGAF, that’s what seems to be the case, or at least that’s what’s being hinted at. Given that we recently heard that Blizzard could be working on a new mobile title, could this be it?

According to the listing, “An unannounced project at Blizzard is seeking an intern to help create a wide range of assets to help bring our game to life.  You will work closely with our concept, environment and character teams to create hard surface and organic props, weapons and possibly characters that are both detail-oriented and consistent with the art style we’ve defined.”

Under the job listing’s “Recommended Talents” section, it mentions that “Knowledge and understanding of the Overwatch universe” would be preferred, although we should point out that based on the current listing at this time of posting, that reference has since been removed. We’re not sure if it was put up in error or if Blizzard felt that maybe they were giving too much away.

We’re not sure if this particular “unannounced project” will debut at BlizzCon 2017 next month, but given how slow Blizzard can be when it comes to new titles and content, maybe we shouldn’t get our hopes up just yet.

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