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AT&T Buys T-Mobile for $39B

03/20/2011, It’s official, AT&T has announced that it was acquiring T-Mobile USA for $39B, adding 33M customers in one fell swoop. The combined entity will therefore have about 129M subscribers. This deal makes a lot more sense than the rumored...

Sprint may acquire T-Mobile USA: marriage from hell?

03/08/2011, Businessweek has reported about a possible acquisition of T-Mobile USA (a Deutsche Telekom AG company), which would combine the 4th and 3rd largest carriers in the U.S into a single entity. Interestingly, T-Mobile has an estimated value of $15B+, which is...

Smartphones overtake PCs in terms of shipment

02/10/2011, The inevitable has happened – smartphone shipments have finally overtaken that of PCs, with the former shipping 100.9 million units to stores worldwide in the final quarter of 2010, while the PC camp could muster only 92.1 million units – at...

LG Optimus 2X Review

01/31/2011, LG Optimus 2X Review - This in-depth review of the Optimus 2X (LG-P990) covers virtually most practical aspects of this dual-core smartphone

Nexus S Review

01/28/2011, Nexus S Review - This in-depth review of the Google Nexus S (by Samsung) goes over the new features of Android 2.3 (aka gingerbread), the design, usability and battery life.

Tegra 3: Quad-Core and 3X Graphics Boost

01/24/2011, Tegra 3 specs: this leaked slide is almost as good as an official announcement. Tegra 2 will indeed have 4-cores and a graphics processor that will be 3X faster

EVO Shift 4G Review

01/24/2011, Evo Shift 4G Review - the HTC Evo Shift 4G is presented by Sprint as a smaller version of their EVO 4G handset. Is that so, and what does it fell to have a QWERTY EVO phone? Check this review.

Tegra 2 3D: Leaked

01/23/2011, Tegra 2 3D - a powerpoint slide from NVIDIA containing information about the Tegra 2 3D edition has been leaked. Here's what Tegra 2 3D is about

Telenav 6.2: AT&T Android Now, More Coming Soon

01/14/2011, Telenav has just announced the version 6.2 its navigation app that features improvements in many areas, but the most interesting ones are: Quick Search: this is a menu-less search that should make local searches faster. It looks more like a web search...

NVIDIA Tegra 2 Overview

01/05/2011, [CES 2011] It’s been exactly one year since NVIDIA announced and showed Tegra 2 to the world, and NVIDIA did not win a whole lot of contract (“design-wins”) with handset and tablet makers – until recently. If you follow this site...

Nexus S now overclocked to 1.3GHz

01/04/2011, It was just yesterday when we reported about the Google Nexus S phone being over clocked to 1.2GHz, now it looks like the developer is far from done and has managed to push another 100MHz out of the Hummingbird CPU, bringing it up to 1.3GHz. Makes me...

LG Optimus 2X launched, in Korea

12/15/2010, LG has just announced the launch of the LG Optimus 2X, a Tegra-powered cousin of the LG Star. The phone features 8GB of storage, a 4-inch WVGA display and a 1500mAh battery. Because it is powered by NVIDIA’s 1GHz Tegra processor, it can decode 1080p...

HTC LTE devices confirmed for 2011

12/15/2010, HTC LTE devices have been confirmed for next year, where the Taiwanese samrtphone manufacturer will certainly lend their expertise in the world of cell phones to add more competition to this particularly niche market. Currently, there remains only one...