blackphoneUsing a smartphone these days could prove to be a rather tricky affair, especially when you know that your device is connected to the Net most of the time. While it allows you to access various information online, it also opens up the door for others to gain access to your handset, whether you know it or not with the latter falling under the more nefarious schemes of a trojan program or app. Well, Blackphone might offer you a greater peace of mind since it will run on a secure version of Android that is known as PrivatOS.

The unlocked Blackphone will be able to run on just about any GSM network out there, and it is touted to offer additional privacy, control and security compared to your average Android-powered device. Blackphone’s co-founder Mike Janke did share that Blackphone happens to be a high-end smartphone, but the hardware specifications are not the main focus, with the top priority being the ability for the handset to “uphold the objectives of privacy.” Pre-orders for the Blackphone will kick off at Mobile World Congress that is happening in Barcelona from next month onward, although pricing details have yet to be determined. I guess this can only mean one thing – watch this space! [Product Page]

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