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Facebook File Transfer Possible With Pipe App

06/04/2013, The new Pipe app releasing tomorrow makes Facebook file transfer possible. Facebook users will now be able to send files as large as 1 gigabyte through the Pipe app.

Feedly Announces Support For Third Party RSS Apps

06/04/2013, You guys have probably heard that Google Reader will be shutting down come 1st of July, and we’re sure that many are already looking for alternatives, although if there is one service that seems to be pretty popular, it would be none other than Feedly,...

Google Has Two Chrome Mobile Events Planned For June

06/03/2013, Are you wondering what the future of Chrome Mobile could be? Well if you enjoy using the app on either your Android or iOS device, it seems that Google has two events planned which seem to be around Chrome Mobile. Two livestream videos have appeared on...

Twitter Makes It Even Easier To Edit Your Profile

06/02/2013, Twitter has introduced a couple of subtle changes which makes it easier for users to update their profiles. The changes include inline profile editing and drag and drop support for header and profile pictures.