If you think that the mobile browser wars are done, Opera revealed a new browser today that might just change the phase of the game. Opera revealed the browser that it has been working on to fellow tech site Pocket-lint. The new browser is called Opera Ice, and the company said that it will be dumping the Presto platform in exchange for the WebKit layout engine software, which is also used in Apple’s Safari and Google’s very own Chrome browsers.

Opera also showed a video of an internal meeting held before Christmas with Opera CEO Lars Boilesen on it, talking about the Opera Ice mobile browser and the company’s new strategy for 2013. Boilesen said that the new Opera Ice browser will be based around hiding the technology as much as possible and embracing rich applications. Opera Ice will also ditch all buttons and instead use gestures to control key elements like forwards and backwards. It is a full touch and tablet-focused browser, the company said. Boilesen also hinted that the the company will be focusing its efforts on releasing the new browser for iOS and Android in February.

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