In July 2012, Microsoft announced they would be replacing its Hotmail service with a new webmail version of Microsoft Outlook. The launch apparently went well for the coming months as the company announced it reached one million users using the service within 24 hours as well as surpassing 10 million users. But it seems all is not well in the land of as users are reporting their old emails have been missing ever since they switched over to the new site since October.

Users have taken to Microsoft’s support pages to voice their issues of old email not showing up, with so many users reporting on the issue that support thread has reached over 25 pages of chatter. The issues seem to have started popping up in October, and even though Microsoft forum moderators have been posting messages promising a fix to the problem, a fix still hasn’t been implemented making many users extremely frustrated. One forum poster wrote:

FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! We have provided hundreds of examples over the last SIX MONTHS!!! Take a look at the history on all of the threads concerning this problem and make a reference db. Get this FIXED Microsoft! Totally unacceptable service, an outrage for this to have gone on as long as it has.

We’ve reached out to Microsoft and are awaiting comment on this situation to see if they have a fix coming soon for these users.

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