Rhino-Skin iPod video 60GB HardCase Review

If you want to protect your iPod video without hiding it, this case Rhino-Skin might be what you’re looking for. This case made of aluminum (back) and clear plastic (front), a combination that keeps the overall look of the iPod, but makes it a bit bulkier and heavier. The iPod slides into the case and stays solidly secured in. Note that sometimes it is hard to extract a device from this type of case, but in this instance, it is easy to pop the iPod out. Once in place, the iPod is well-protected: the only exposed parts are the controls and the top. A belt clip is provided along with a cord to wear the iPod on the neck (who would wear an iPod 60GB around his/her neck?). The clear plastic does add some reflections when used in a bright environment, but not that much. It’s worth the protection that it provides to the screen. Product Page($34.95)

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