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Hands-On: Samsung ATIV Tab 3 Review
We go hands on with the newly announced Samsung ATIV Tab 3

Nikon D7100 Hands-On Review
[Imaging Week] The Nikon D7100 is the younger sibling of the famous Nikon D7000, a star product which was launched in late 2010. On paper, the Nikon D7100 is much more of an upgrade than its numbering scheme may lead you to believe. First of all, the sensor goes to 24 Megapixel (from 16), the auto-focus (AF) system now samples 51 points, and the video recording mode can shoot up […]

Canon EOS Rebel SL1 Hands-On Review (EOS 100D)
[Imaging Week] As Canon’s DSLR line of product increasingly comes under higher pressure from mirrorless camera from Sony or Olympus, Canon has explored a couple of ways to counter the competition without cannibalizing its own product line (too much). It’s fair to say that the first attempt with a mirrorless EOS M has been a “flop” at best, and our own review of the Canon EOS M shows that the […]

Canon EOS 6D Hands-On Review
Since I’m at Imaging Week in Seoul/Korea this week, I thought that I would spend some hands-on time with the Canon EOS 6D that was announced recently. I use a Canon 50D on a daily basis, so it’s nice to see how far Canon has gone since I bought the 50D back in the days. The Canon EOS 6D is quite different: it’s a full-frame DSLR, which makes it a […]


ASUS Padfone Hands-On Review
[MWC 2013] In Barcelona, ASUS has landed a big announcement (and product) with the new Padfone smartphone/tablet combo. It’s not that we did not expect this new product, since ASUS launched the whole concept here at a previous Mobile World Congress, but we did not expect this level of craftsmanship which is absolutely stunning: ASUS has simply outdone itself with this ultra high-end design, and a unique concept.The Padfone concept […]

ASUS FonePad Preview, Hands-On
We had the opportunity to spend some time with the ASUS FonePad 7-inch tablet phone, and here are our first impressions: The build quality feels solid, and the metallic body doesn’t weigh much. It didn’t feel ultra-light like an iPad mini, but it did feel better than holding a Google Nexus 7, which is the Android reference in the 7-inch space. I did not have both units on me to […]

Sony XPERIA Tablet Z Hands-On Review
Sony had announced its XPERIA Tablet Z Tablet back in January, and just before Mobile World Congress, we had the opportunity to play with it for a short while. The new tablet uses the same design language than the Sony XPERIA Z smartphone. Right away, the XPERIA Z tablet felt amazingly light (495g or 1.1lbs) as it is about 30% lighter than some competitors. It is thin too: with only […]

HTC One Hands-On (With HD Video)
This is a preview of the newly released HTC One smartphone which was launched on Feb 19 2013 in New York. We describe the main functionality of the phone, along with how it feels. There is also an HD video to show you how fast it is.

BlackBerry Q10 Hands-On: QWERTY Awesomeness + Great Web Experience
After taking a look at the BlackBerry Z10, we wanted to shift our focus on the Q10 since we know many BlackBerry owners out there still love their phones to have physical keyboards. The Q10 gives you the best of both worlds as not only does it offer a QWERTY keyboard for you to poke at, but the device runs BlackBerry 10, which means you’ll have an experience just as […]

BlackBerry Z10 Hands-On
BlackBerry finally unveiled its BlackBerry 10 to the public today and will soon be launching its new devices in the U.S. some time next month. The BlackBerry 10 device they seem to be the most excited about is its BlackBerry Z10, so we decided to check out BlackBerry’s latest touchscreen device.One of the first things anyone notices when they put a phone in their hand is its weight and the […]

LG Optimus G: hands-on with LG's latest and greatest
As I have posted earlier, we are in Seoul/South Korea, where LG has unveiled its high-end LG Optimus G smartphone. After spending some time with the handset, I’m going to give you my first impressions, but before I do that let’s go back to the main specifications to provide some context for those who are just jumping on board now.The LG Optimus G is the first handset powered by Qualcomm’s […]

Kindle Fire HD Hands-On
Yesterday, at an event in Santa Monica CA, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos unveiled the Kindle Fire HD. The device comes in two flavors, 7-inch and 8.9-inch, and they will retail for $199 and $299, respectively, with the former shipping from September 14th onwards while the latter will see a November 20th release date.The most interesting is certainly the 8.9-inch 4G LTE version featuring 32GB of internal memory and  priced at […]

Motorola RAZR M Hands-On!
Motorola has also launched an entry-level phone that offers a very compelling screen/body size ratio. Thanks to its thin bezels, the Motorola RAZR M can pack a 4.3 display in a form factor that is about as wide as the iPhone 4S, and a little higher. In some ways, it seems like what Apple is going to shoot for with its upcoming iPhone 5 on Oct 12.  To be fair, […]

Motorola RAZR Maxx HD preview
We’ve just covered the Motorola launch event live on Ubergizmo, but now we’ve had some “hands-on” time with all three phones, including the Motorola RAZR Maxx HD, which will be the most exciting of all for the “enthusiast” category of users. Why? Simply because it’s an even better version of the previous RAZR Maxx but it keeps the 3300mAh battery which is the most important family trait of all.

Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon 2012: Hands-On
Lenovo has announced the Lenovo X1 Thinkpad Carbon, which is the world’s thinnest 14″ laptop at this time. We’ve had some hands-on time with it, and it is an extremely interesting laptop. Clearly, thinness is nice it itself, but we’re pretty much reaching the limit of how thin laptops can be, and this one is about “two iPhones thick”. Fortunately, being slim isn’t the only quality of the Lenovo X1 […]

Bing New Architecture: Introducing Snapshot and Social Sidebar
This morning, we were at a press conference at Microsoft’s offices in San Francisco to see a demo of the revamped Bing search engine.  Touted as a “new approach to search” by Microsoft, the new architecture features a three columns design, dividing the search activity in 3 distinct areas: Core Web Results, Snapshot and Sidebar (see picture in the complete article – or watch the demo).On the left, Core Web […]

Samsung Galaxy S3 Preview
After covering the launch earlier today and posting about the official specs and info, it’s time for something a little more personal. We’ve had the opportunity to have some hands-on time with the Samsung Galaxy S3, and here is a first-hand report.The Galaxy S3 shape is nicely designed to be curvy, natural to hold, and “human” (or at least, “organic”) as Samsung would put it. I’m pretty sure that there […]

HTC EVO 4G LTE: First Impressions
 It’s rare for a new smartphone to incorporate one paradigm-shifting enhancement. Two ground-breaking features is as rare as steak tartare.But Sprint’s new HTC EVO 4G LTE, which becomes available for pre-order on May 7 for $199.99, includes two potential industry shifting technologies: HD Voice, which practically eliminates background ambient noise calls, and a camera that can shoot both HD video and 5 MP still photos simultaneously.Perhaps more importantly to Sprint, just […]

HTC Titan 2 Hands-On
[CES 2012] HTC has launched the HTC Titan 2, and we had an opportunity to play with the device. If you’ve missed it, here is the skinny about the HTC Titan 2. From the outside, and especially from the front,  this version looks very much like the original Titan. In fact, most people will have a hard time distinguishing the two. At the back, it is easier to tell which […]

Huawei Honor Unboxing, and first impressions
We’ve just received this Huawei Honor, aka Huawei U8860, from Hong Kong and this is what in the box: the phone itself, a 1930mAh battery (!), a charger, documentation and a USB  cable. The phone itself is light (weight w/ battery) and its design is clean both in the front and the back. While the design is neat, the phone does not “feel” as high-quality as high-end competitors on the […]