I would love to see the looks on the faces of people who walk by this PB Grand Cordless Phone. Featuring the looks of a vintage-style receiver minus the wire, the PB Grand Cordless Phone boasts a push-button dial and other modern amenities such as caller ID, call waiting, instant redial, and a three-line display to view information. Running on the 900MHz analog system, you can be sure that each and every call you make/receive will be crystal clear. Unfortunately, the price to pay for such a fashionable piece of retro equipment with a modern touch is rather high – $129 to be exact.

This particular phone is no longer available, but there are plenty of alternatives. The “Petrol Blue” color of this 746 Phone Retro Design (~$45) is neat and you can get a real rotary with this 1970’s Black Rotary Dial phone ($70). If you hang your phone on a wall, the ultimate vintage phone is probably the Crosley CR56-BK (~$64), although it’s not a real rotary.

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