Pico WiFi radio not limited by wires

While the idea of WiFi radio is neat, having it hooked up to a nearby power outlet at all times is not. Revo is offering it’s Pico WiFi Radio that comes with an integrated rechargeable battery pack, giving you the freedom to bring it anywhere with you without worrying about the presence of power outlets. The Pico WiFi Radio features a 2-line display and can stream up to 5,500 digital radio stations via broadband or from your collection of MP3s over a network. While it is splashproof, submerging the Pico WiFi Radio is a definite no-no. Just in case you wander out of a WiFi blanket, there is always the built-in FM receiver to take over. The Pico WiFi Radio retails for $295 and will be available in the middle of July onwards.

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