Moneual 902 HTPC with touchscreen

Are all home theater PCs (HTPCs) alike? The answer is no, and this can be proven by the Moneual 902 HTPC. This impressive computer comes with a 7″ touchscreen on its chassis – something most other manufacturers do no offer. This touchscreen lets you navigate through the user interface with ease, but I think most couch potatoes would prefer to use the remote control from a distance instead. Still, it is a nice touch that makes the 902 stand apart from the rest. Additional features include a high end video card, 2GB of RAM, a HDTV tuner, a wireless keyboard, and a speedy Intel Core 2 Duo 6700 processor – all running on Windows Vista. Sounds good? Brace yourself, for the Moneual 902 HTPC retails for $5,000.

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