GMP Game Media Player

The GMP Game Media Player targets those who do not mind settling for an unbranded portable media player, as it not only supports both video and audio playback (MPEG-4, AVI, WMV, MP3 and WMA), it also boasts an integrated game emulator that does NES and SNES ROMs as well. Remember, downloading ROMs are illegal, so if you want to keep your conscience clean, settle for homebrew ROMs that abound all over the Internet instead. Other features include a D-pad, 4-button control for gaming and navigating the UI (although I’m not sure what happens to SNES titles that require all six buttons to play), a pair of integrated speakers, a built-in FM radio, a 3″ TFT LCD display and an SD/MMC memory card slot. Prices start from $105. Looks like the offspring between a PSP and a GBA after a drunken night out.

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