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MacBook And MacBook Pro Updated


Apple has updated their MacBook and MacBook Pro lines, bringing Intel’s latest Core 2 Duo Penryn processors, larger capacity hard drives, and a standard of 2GB of memory in the majority of the updated models. Prices start from $1,099 upwards for the new MacBook lineup where you have three models to choose from, while the MacBook Pro is definitely more expensive with a $1,999 starting price tag. Check out the specifications for both lines after the jump for all the models on offer. Are you going to make a new purchase?

13″ white MacBook @ 2.1GHz

13″ white MacBook @ 2.4GHz

13″ white MacBook @ 2.4GHz

15″ MacBook Pro @ 2.4GHz

15″ MacBook Pro @ 2.5GHz

17″ MacBook Pro @ 2.5GHz

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