NVIDIA PhysX Modded to Run on ATI Hardware? Seems Fishy

There isa rumor on the NGOHQ forum saying that someone has been able to modify (“mod”) a set of ATI drivers to run NVIDIA’s GPU-accelerated PhysX code on older (pre-4800) ATI cards. At the moment, there is no proof that the claim is true, as the author of the forum post did no release the modified material for others to try. That seems pretty fish to me, as it seemsto bea long shot to “port” (rewrite)PhysX over ATI without rewriting the CUDA driver and also parts of the ATI graphics driver that would access CUDA data. All that without the most recent top-secret ATI driver source code. Of course, “in theory” everything is possible, but “in theory” all the traffic from Google could also be diverted to this blog by accident… (and that would make us very happy)

PS: if the guy could actually do it, I’d like to order a DX10 driver for Windows XP, that would be far more useful…

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