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Will the $85 price of Windows 8 RT Doom Windows 8 tablets? Probably Not.
The rumor that Microsoft may be charging $85 for the Windows 8 RT (which runs on ARM, and include Microsoft Office) license to tablet manufacturers is creating waves on news sites, and many people are shocked that in a world where mobile operating systems are -apparently- free (Android, iOS), Microsoft could charge so much for the software. The immediate thought is that money spent on the Windows 8 RT license […]

iPhone may be assembled in the U.S, "one day"
Tim Cook, Apple’s new CEO has publicly mentioned that the iPhone -which represents 50% of Apple’s business- may be “one day” assembled in the United States. While this will certainly not happen overnight, this may give hope to a consumer electronics manufacturing industry that is quasi-inexistent in the USA.Clearly, it would be unrealistic to think that the next iPhone would be manufactured in the U.S next year – at this […]

Facebook hiring to build a smartphone? [again]
This is a topic that has been going on and off, but here it goes again: Facebook is said to be hiring smartphone hardware and software engineers in order to build its own smartphone. That’s what Nick Bilton from the NYTimes has just published, and looking at my own circles here in Silicon Valley, the hiring seems definitely real. Facebook has been hiring a number of engineers who have nothing […]

HTC Business: It Will Get Worse Before It Gets Better
The earnings season is in full swing, and it has been a bit of a roller coaster and HTC is a bit in a pothole: while others have been doing well, HTC’s expects to see its revenue fall (again) by 16% when compared to last year. This is due to many factors, but mainly to a brutal fight with giants like Apple and Samsung in which HTC was ill-equipped,: Apple […]


iPad Or Your Wife? Disturbing Results from the Survey
Online-based casino RoxyPalace conducted a survey regarding people, their mates and the new iPad and the results that it revealed after were truly intriguing. According to the survey, 11% of bachelors would rather buy the new iPad than spend their hard earned cash on trying to get a girlfriend. In addition to that, 3% of the participants who were polled said that they would ‘gladly’ leave their partner if they […]

Cable Bills to Pass $200 a month by the Year 2020
Although the wages for employees in the US have remained the same, bills for cable TV services have stealthily been increasing at a rate of 6% every year. According to an eye-opening industry forecast released yesterday, the amount will pass $200 a month in 8 years time. The Director from NPD research firm Keith Nissen said, “As pay-TV costs rise and consumers’ spending power stays flat, the traditional affiliate-fee business […]

Calxeda ARM-based HP Server Creates Media Wave of... Fluff
HP is currently testing servers based on an ARM architecture, which is basically the same stuff that runs applications on your phones and tablets. The idea is that these little chips use much less power than traditional processors like those of Intel and AMD. Because they use less power, they also require less cooling – and when you know that energy consumption and cooling are among the biggest issues that […]

No X86 Apps On ARM+Windows 8 (Duh)
For some reason, part of the media world has awakened to the fact that Windows applications compiled for Intel’s X86 architecture, won’t work on ARM-based Windows 8 machines. First, I’m not sure where the idea that those apps would work came from, so is very much a “duh” moment.Obviously it would “technically possible” to run X86 applications on ARM-based machines, but that would at the very least involve emulating an […]

Moogle and the Future of Mobile
This morning, we covered the unexpected acquisition of Motorola Mobility by Google for $12B, which is a huge premium (60%+) compared to the market value of Motorola Mobile on the previous day. Mobile technology is currently THE hot business topic with about 80% of market growth year-over-year in the Smartphone segment in Q1 2011.The patent war: providing new revenue streams to outsiders, slowing down AndroidThe patent war has been raging […]

Google, A Patent Attack Victim. Really?
David Drummond, the Senior Vice President and Chief Legal Officer of Google has gone on the record and addressed the patent litigation situation that Google’s Android finds itself into, with foes like Microsoft and Apple, among others, on the other side of the fight.Here’s the context: Android is arguably a formidable mobile platform, and it is gathering success and it is accelerating with no end in sight. Microsoft and Apple […]

Are We in an ARM Bubble?
At the moment, a single company is at the very core of the mobile revolution: ARM. From its glorious debuts as Advanced RISC Machine, a computer maker, to its fall to oblivion, to its re-birth as the premier intellectual property provider for mobile systems on a chip (SoC), ARM is now an undeniably cool company to talk about.In recent weeks, its clout has been so great that rumors of a possible […]

Three Things Microsoft Needs To Wage a Smartphone War
From a highly visible mobile company a decade ago to less than 8% of market share today (according to Comscore) the road to a mobile world has been bumpy for Microsoft. Back when Windows Mobile was doing well, it was largely seen as an enterprise product more than a consumer one. Windows Mobile was great to use in its time, but it was clearly too geeky and IT-oriented for the […]

Nokia: it's no longer about selling phones. Really?
You know that something is up when someone at Nokia, the largest phone maker (by units), is saying that “it’s no longer about selling phones” (in a conversation with Bloomberg, via NYT). This phrase was used as Nokia is trying to fight Apple in the App space. The end-game is to emphasize what Nokia smartphones are capable of. It’s a recognition that the value is in the software.Of course, Nokia […]

Beyond the Google Phone hype, it comes down to: be cheap enough or die
This is what Nexus One looks like… just like an HTC PassionYou have probably noticed in the past couple of days that the hype surrounding the network-free Google Nexus One phone has almost reached its climax. I say “almost” because Google has yet to officially reveal images of the phone that employees describe using words like “iPhone” and “Steroids” in the same sentence. The WSJ says that despite using Android, the […]