Samsung Launches a 100GB Enterprise SSD

Samsung just announced that it has launched a 100GB SSD aimed at the IT/infrastructure market. It can read at 230MB/sec and write at 180MB/sec, which puts it high in terms of performance, but not at the top spot held by Intel’s X25-E SSD (64GB). Random seek time are also extremely fast, due to the solid-state nature of SSDs. Besides performance, Samsung is also touting the low-power consumption of its new SSD: 0.6 Watts in idle mode and 1.9 Watts in power mode. A typical 15k rpm hard disk is said to consume 8-15 Watts at full load and 1 to 2 Watts in idle mode. Samsung says that the drive will be “standardized in height, width and thickness”, although it’s not clear whether or not the company was thinking of the 3.5″ format usually used for server drives.

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