PhysioGlove Makes Placing ECG Leads A Snap

Now here’s an invention that will definitely make the world a much better place – the PhysioGlove. What does it do? Well, this is meant to help position all the electrodes required in their respective places during an ECG setup without going through the hassle of the traditionally method. Instead, the PhysioGlove was developed by Commwell and is worn by a patient over the left hand. All the patient needs to do is lay his/her hand across the chest, which is easily done with minimal coaching by respective medical staff. The PhysioGlove itself comprises of 10 electrodes and a single cable that is hooked up to a monitoring device. No idea if this is meant to be a long-term solution for ECGs, but it will come in handy if setting up an ECG is a time-critical matter.

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