Archerfish Solo - the thinking camera

[CES 2010] So you’re thinking of getting a hassle-free home surveillance system that can also be operated by your old folks without them driving you nuts by asking all sorts of inane questions? Archerfish might help with their new Solo camera, where it offers a complete, interactive video monitoring system right out of the box. Attuned to your world, the Archerfish Solo is able to look out for events that you asked it to, including expected movement, unanticipated intrusions as well as odd things that happen (such as who ate the last cookie) whenever you are not around. You will be notified through a video message or email, and by virtue of being a wireless unit, you can thrust this 360-degree freedom-of-movement wireless camera just about anywhere you fancy. Being weatherproof doesn’t hurt either. You are able to access the going ons around your home in real time with the Archerfish Solo from a cellphone or a computer as long as there is an Internet connection established, and the Solo can work with the Quattro if you need more than just one camera. Capable of storing an average of a months’ worth of data on its microSDHC memory card (32GB), this video camera works in low light conditions, but is not night-vision capable. This means you won’t worry about going blind under a full moon, but anything less than that might require you to get a dog instead. You won’t be able to get the Solo at the moment though as it is expected to ship this April 6, 2010 for $399. Sounds pretty pricey, but the unprecedented ease-of-use might just make it well worth your money.

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