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Gaiam Air Sanitizer for clean, breathable air at CES 2011
[CES 2011] The amount of human traffic at CES is tremendous each year, whether there is an economic downturn or not, and if you are rather paranoid about catching a bug from folks who drop by your booth, then you might want to see whether you need the Gaiam Air Sanitizer or not. Boasting advanced NCCO technology inside that sanitizes and removes harmful odors, airborne bacteria, dust and mold spores which […]

Samsung SH100 Wi-Fi digital camera set to rock your world
[CES 2010] Samsung has paid more attention to the world of digital cameras in the past couple of years than before, knowing just how lucrative this market can be if they got it right. Well, while there wasn’t a game changer from the South Korea giant’s stable, they certainly didn’t put a foot wrong either, and have continued their earlier efforts with the SH100 digital camera that boasts built-in Wi-Fi […]

BlackBerry 8910 Curve spotted at CES 2010
We know, we missed this one at the Case-Mate booth a couple of weeks ago at CES 2010. We’re talking about the yet unreleased BlackBerry 8910 Curve (also known as Atlas or Dakota), where rumors concerning its specifications include a bummer EDGE-only connection, a 3.2-megapixel camera, a 480 x 360 display, 256MB RAM, A-GPS, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n connectivity and a 1,500 mAh battery. Still, Case-Mate is prepared for its relaese […]

French retailers unhappy about eBooks success
Almost everybody looks to be welcome the wave of E-book readers, and there have been a great many of those little devices at CES 2010. Book retailers on the other hand, are rather unhappy about the whole issue, and it seems that book retailers in France are particularly unhappy about it all, as the 5 major French bookstore chains are ganging up and trying to set up a “national e-book […]


15 most popular CES stories
We’ve already published our Best of CES, which is our own take on what was cool at CES, but if we look at the top 15 stories (sorted by views) other themes bubble up: computers and phones are still extremely popular. If you have not looked at them yet, do it now. At CES 2010, the Alienware M11X has been the most viewed item in our CES coverage.

Asus UL80JT Boasts A 12-hour Battery Life
[CES 2010] You might have been drooling over the Asus ROG G37Jh high-end notebook during CES, and missed the UL80JT. While this laptop is also powerful, as it boasts an Intel Core i7 CPU, Nvidia GeForce 310 graphics chip, it’s also energy efficient. This is due to it being able to re-clock its CPU on a second-by-second basis, and well as switch between the Nvidia GeForce 310 and Intel GMA. […]

MSI Projector PC
[CES 2010] Tired of lugging your laptop and projector together with you when you go to presentations? Well, the MSI Projector PC by MSI well certainly pique your interest. If the name didn’t give it away, it’s a projector, that can project an image up to 60-inches, but houses a fully working PC inside it. Just hook up a keyboard and a mouse, and you’re good to go. In terms […]

MSI 3D All In One PC At CES
[CES 2010] MSI has showcased the world’s first 3D all-in-one PC that comes with 3D glasses. With it, users will be able to enjoy 3D gaming, HD movies, and it’ll be connected to wireless 3D glasses, offering a different kind of experience. One of the cooler features is that you’ll be able to store the wireless keyboard behind the sliding screen, saving desktop space. The bundled wireless mouse can also […]

LG GT540 Announced At CES
[CES 2010] You might have missed it, but LG announced a new Android-powered device at CES – the LG GT540. It’s dubbed by LG as a “specialized social networking smartphone”, and is aimed at first-time smartphone users, who are mainly looking for a quick and easy way to access their social networking profiles on the move. The GT540 is expected to be launched worldwide on April 2010, though there isn’t […]

Horizon Hydrofill Hydrogen Refueling and Storage Solution
[CES 2010] We published about Horizon Hydrofill, when it was announced prior to CES on Jan. 4th, and we got a chance to see the device at the show. Hydrofill is a major fuel cell innovation, allowing everyone to have a personal hydrogen generator and portable hydrogen cartridges. The Hydrofill system basically extracts hydrogen from water using electrolysis, and store it in the Hydrostick solid hydrogen cartridges. 60 W DC […]

Ubergizmo's Best of CES 2010
CES 2010 was a blast and here’s a sample of what we think was the Best of CES. Check them out, give us your opinion, tell what what else you found was cool and worth looking at. Thanks for tuning in to our live blogging last Wednesday and thanks for following CES 2010 with us. Next month we will be at Mobile World Congress!Parrot AR DroneThe parrot AR Drone has […]

Sideline Cinq Offers Your Extra Monitors
[CES 2010] If you’ve been trying to get an additional display for your laptop, but are always on the road, you’ll probably be delighted with the Cinq, by Sideline. This device can be attached to your laptop via USB (for both data and power), giving you a 10.1-inch, 1024 x 600 secondary display, and a SD card reader. It works with both Windows and Mac, and weighs in at 15.6 […]

Wii And PS3 Gun Controllers
[CES 2010] Want to get more serious about gaming on your Nintendo Wii or Sony PS3? These gun controllers from CTA Digital on show at CES will certainly give you a more realistic feel to your gaming sessions. Both have been labeled as sniper guns, though the PS3 model sure looks a lot like an AK-47. Apparently the sniper scopes are there for show, not for gaming accuracy (boo). The […]

Airnergy Wi-Fi Powered Charger
[CES 2010] Wireless charging seems like a dream to move gadget-users out there, after all, who’d want to plug a device into a charger, if you could charge it wirelessly, right? The Airnergy Charger certainly looks promising, and might actually fulfill your wireless charging fantasies. This device is able to harvest the electricity from Wi-Fi networks, and convert it into electricity with a high enough efficiency to make it practical. […]

Evertune: No More Tuning Your Guitar
[CES 2010] Are you tired of having to constantly tune your guitar? Well, if that’s the case, you’ll certainly want to check out EverTune, which is a bridge that keeps your guitar tuned to whatever you put it at. This works by feeding your guitar strings into an adaptive spring-tension device inside the guitar body. As each string or tuner post is loosened, the springs will compensate, and thus maintaining […]

Inbrics M1 Is One Thin Android Slider
[CES 2010] You don’t see all that many Android devices with a slider form factor, aside from the Motorola Droid, but the Inbrics M1 is also extremely thin (for a slider). Aside from its size, it’s not slouch in the feature department too, as it sports a 3.7-inch WVGA AMOLED display, 3-megapixel camera, front-facing VGA camera, 800MHz processor, 16GB built-in storage, microSD card expansion, and a full QWERTY keyboard. While […]

DivX Launches DivX TV
If you’re tired of always having to boot up your computer to view an online video, you’ll love what DivX has just announced – DivX TV. Promoted as a comprehensive embedded Internet TV platform, it will provide access to a line-up of online media content, streamed directly to any connected device. It will support almost any kind of Internet-connected consumer electronics device, such as digital televisions, Blu-ray plays, gaming consoles, […]

Canon Unveils New PowerShot Cameras At CES
[CES 2010] Aside from its Vixia camcorder line, Canon has also unveiled 4 new A-series PowerShot cameras at CES, all of which are priced below the $200 line, and should be available in February. The models include the PowerShot A3100 IS, A3000 IS, A495 and A490. The A3000 IS sports the same specifications as the A3100 IS, except that it uses a 10-megapixel sensor. The A495 and A490 both sport […]

TuneBug Vibrating Speakers Debut
[CES 2010] TuneBug has come up with some rather interesting speakers, and you can check them out at CES. The TuneBug Shake functions like a “sound generator”, and can be attached to devices, such as your helmet, and will pass vibrations through the surface, effectively turning your helmet into a speaker, allowing you to listen to music while you’re biking (however dangerous it may be). The TuneBug Vibe functions in […]

Canon Vixia HF S21 camcorder features dual SD slot, AVCHD to mpeg4 conversion
[CES 2010] Canon has upgraded its line of HD camcorders and the one that has caught our attention is the Vixia HF S21. It’s a 1080p camcorder that has a 10X optical zoom. It packs 64GB of internal flash storage, but also has two SD (SDXC) slots. SDXC cards aren’t on the market yet, but they are built to support a maximum size of 2TB. When the storage runs out […]