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Toshiba Satellite T100 laptops are its thinnest and lightest yet

Toshiba Satellite T100 laptops are thinnest and lightest yet

[CES 2010] The new Satellite T100 series laptops from Toshiba are touted to be the thinnest and lightest models from the Japanese manufacturer to date, where they are much more capable than your everyday netbook while taking up less space and weight compared to a normal laptop, offering a compromise in both niche markets by meeting at the middle. Targeting folks who are always on-the-go, the T100 series will offer 11.6” and 13.3” screen sizes powered by a dual-core AMD processor and ATI Radeon HD graphics to get your work (and some recreation) done without missing a beat. Both models measure less than 1″ thin, with the T115 and T135 (as depicted above) will weigh 3.5 lbs and 3.9 lbs, respectively. for T115 and T135 models, respectively. Depending on the configuration, you will have to fork out anywhere from $449.99 to $699.99. More details on its specifications available in the extended post.

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