Touch Revolution Nimble Landline Phone

It seems like washing machines and microwaves aren’t the only devices that Google’s Android OS is getting into. While a desk phone certainly isn’t as weird a place to put Android as a washing machine, it’s still not something that everybody would do. But the folks at Touch Revolution certainly seem to believe that it will work, and thus they’ve come up with the Nimble. The phone sports a custom interface, designed by The Astonishing Tribe, the firm that conceived the original Android UI. If and when you see the phone, it probably will be slightly different, as the Nimble is a reference design, to be sold to phone manufacturers to be rebranded. It should be marketed at enterprise devices, so don’t expect to see any of these around your house soon. That’s probably why folks go to CES, right? All the cool stuff that we won’t be getting in our homes anytime soon.

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