Dawa D7 Mobile Internet Device

The Dawa D7 Mobile Internet Device (MID) could very well be popular if it were to be carried by a more notable name in the world of consumer electronics – after all, it would be pretty hard to turn down a 7″ MID which has multitouch support as well as a capacitive touchscreen display, right? Apart from that, you can be sure that performance is going to be pretty zippy, especially when it comes with a 720Mhz Telechips 8901 processor which is aided by 256MB RAM, 4GB of internal memory, a microSDHC memory card slot, integrated GPS, Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity. Full HD? Dawa’s got you covered with support for 1080p videos and 1080p HDMI video output. The only thing left for us to know would be its price, but even so that will be revealed this coming April.

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