Google Chrome Ad campaign is Working: Market Share is Up

Google has been pushing its Chrome web browser very hard to the world:we haveseen ads all over the place (USA, Asia and Europe) and all these effortsaregettingsome traction: Since April 2009, Chrome’s market share has gone from 1.79% to 5.61%. Arguably, growing from 1.79% is not as difficult as growing from 20% or 60% but it is still a significant achievement, and it seems likely that Chrome will continue to gain market share because it is a good browser.

I would be very curious to know what the cost of acquisition “per install” was, given the marketing blitz that Google has unleashed. The second thing is: what happens when the campaign stops?

Although Microsoft’s Internet Explorer share is decreasing steadily, each time a customer buys a new PC or does a fresh install of Windows, the game is “reset” back to having Microsoft’s Internet Explorer as the default browser. This is still an inherent advantage that Microsoft holds, and one that has been challenged in Europe – even if most PC customers don’t know. Personally, I use Chrome along with Firefox, which is still my main browser because of the Firefox plug-ins. What kind of user are you?

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