Cue Acoustics updates Cue Radio Model r1

Cue Acoustics decided that their Cue Radio Model r1 is in need of a refresh, and hence to improve its already great sound, decided to throw in a trio of tailored offerings. Both Cue Acoustics and Outlaw Audio came together to deliver the “Outlaw Signature Edition” which will showcase a handful of high-end features designed that will definitely keep the most discriminating music listener happy, thanks to a global “Position” setting which optimizes the r1’s output to match its placement. Not only that, there is also a “Talk” sound profile which further reduces some of the “boominess” of talk radio. Retailing for $399, the Outlaw Edition is price similar to the regular r1, although you can tell the difference by it being exclusively available in gloss black. Best to get a cloth to wipe away those prints from curious guests in your home then when they place their eyes and hands on it. As for the new “Hospitality Edition”, it will feature a highly customizable set of features, making it suitable for luxury hotels and resort brands since it will display the hotel brand logo on the display whenever the r1 is turned on, not to mention offer custom alarm behaviors and prescribed volume limits to maintain the general peace around the place. [Press Release]

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