Huntkey 90W Slim Universal Notebook Adapter

Huntkey’s latest 90W Slim Universal Notebook Adapter will target those who are always on the go and don’t want to carry around a bulky power adapter for their notebooks. Boasing slim and light design technology, you also get a trio of other functions which include an adjustable voltage function, 5V USB charger function and universal compatibility function. Measuring all of just 1.6cm thin, it is less than half the standard one, with 14.5cm x 7.15cm being its other dimensions. A +5V USB charger function also enables it to juice up compatible digital devices whenever convenient, doing away with the need for additional peripheral chargers as well to free up even more space in your luggage. Each purchase comes with at least 10 different tips for compatiblity with mainstream and Japanese-branded notebooks. [Press Release]

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