DIY Airsoft M134 minigun makes you coolest dad on the block

Never mind if Jimmy’s friend’s father is a bigwig CEO, we’re pretty sure his dad isn’t like you, with a keen eye for detail as well as hands which are suited for DIY projects – case in point, the DIY Airsoft M134 minigun which is capable of shooting for up to 45 seconds before it runs out of ammunition. You will need to have experience with aluminum machining to get this project working, where the final product is capable of a firing rate of between 300 to 6,000 pellets a minute, where its ammo box can store a whopping 16,000 airsoft pellets! Good luck picking them up once you’re done. This is great to chase away pesky cats and animals that make their way across your yard without poisoning anything in the process. Check out a video of it in action after the jump.

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