Apple’s Corporate Network Hacked By Australian Teenager

A Melbourne, Australia-based teenage hacker reportedly broke into Apple’s corporate network and was able to download almost 90GB of secure files. He was also able to access customer accounts using the information he obtained before he was caught. Court proceedings cited in a new report by The Age revealed this bizarre hack.

San Francisco Security Conference On July 31st

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Hackers Steal 600 Gallons Of Gas In Detroit

Local news reports from Detroit reveal that the police are looking for two suspects who allegedly managed to steal 600 gallons of gasoline from a gas station by hacking a gas pump. The theft is valued at around $1,800 and it took place in the middle of the day and was ongoing for almost 90 minutes. The gas station attendant was unable to do anything to stop the hackers.

Adidas Website Hack Leaks Customer Details

Hackers often target major brands and this time its sports behemoth Adidas. The company has confirmed that its U.S. website was hacked which resulted in data of millions of customers being stolen. The hackers stole millions of customer records but it’s not all doom and gloom. Adidas says that no credit card details were stolen in this hack.


Hacker Involved In Massive Yahoo Hack Gets Five Years In Prison

Yahoo suffered from a massive hack back in 2014 which affected some 500 million of its users. A hacker-for-hire involved in this hack was apprehended and eventually tried. He has now been sentenced to five years in prison for his role in the hack which is believed to have been orchestrated by Russian spies. The person in question, Karim Baratov, maintains that he wasn’t aware that he was working for […]

Panera Bread Website Hack Likely Affects 37 Million Customers

It’s not uncommon for popular retail chains to discover malware on their systems that’s meant to steal customer data. That’s precisely what has happened at Panera Bread. The bakery-cafe chain has confirmed that its website suffered a data breach which likely affects more than 37 million of its customers. As if the data leak wasn’t enough, those customers won’t like it at all when they find out that the chain […]

Pyeongchang Winter Games Were Targeted By ‘Olympic Destroyer’ Malware

It was confirmed by the organizing committee of the Pyeongchang Winter Games that they had come under a cyberattack during the opening ceremony last week. Not a lot of details were provided about the cyberattack officially but several cybersecurity firms in the United States have looked into the matter and have uncovered the computer virus called “Olympic Destroyer” that was likely used in the attack during the opening ceremony.

Forever 21 Breach Compromised Customers’ Credit Card Information

Another major retailer was breached last year as Forever 21 has now confirmed that point of sale terminals at various stores across the country were breached for the most part of 2017. This resulted in the credit card information of countless customers being leaked. Forever 21 hasn’t said precisely how many customers have been affected by this.

Facebook Messenger Malware Secretly Mines Monero Digital Currency

As if websites trying to hijack visitors’ CPUs to mine digital currency wasn’t enough, a new report suggests that hackers have created malware that targets Facebook Messenger users in order to secretly mine the Monero digital currency. The malware is called Digmine and it was discovered by researchers at the Trend Micro cybersecurity firm. They claim that the malware is targeting as many machines as possible in order to mine […]

Imgur Hack Resulted In 1.7 Million Accounts Being Compromised

Popular photo-sharing website Imgur has confirmed that it was notified of a potential security breach earlier this week that occurred in 2014. The site says that the hack resulted in 1.7 million Imgur accounts being compromised. The leaked data includes email addresses and passwords of users. Imgur continues to investigate the intrusion and promises to inform users as quickly as possible to what it knows and what it’s doing in […]

Google Patches Krack Wi-Fi Vulnerability In November Security Patch

Google today released its Android security patch for the month of November. Aside from bringing fixes for countless bugs discovered in its operating system, the patch also brings the fix for the widespread Wi-Fi vulnerability known as Krack. It’s a weakness in the WPA2 security protocol for Wi-Fi networks. Discovered several weeks ago, Google has now finally patched Krack on Android devices.

KRACK Exploit Can Breach Your Wi-Fi Security

The vast majority of internet users don’t really worry about Wi-Fi security even though they should, it’s critical in this day and age. Security researchers have discovered a new exploit called KRACK that can take advantage of weaknesses in Wi-Fi security to enable attackers to listen in on the traffic between devices and wireless access points.

Hackers Shut Down A School District With Ominous Threats

You don’t get to hear about school districts getting hacked often but that did happen recently. An entire school district in Montana was shut down for three days after hackers breached into servers and gained access to student and faculty records. The hack itself wouldn’t have prompted the shutdown probably, it was the ominous threats from hackers that led to the shutdown.

Personal Details Of Game Of Thrones Stars Leaked

HBO was hacked recently, it was proved by leaks which included the script of an unaired Game of Thrones season 7 episode as well as other content. Reports suggest that hackers managed to steal 1.5TB of data from HBO which includes scripts for more GoT episodes as well as two unreleased episodes of Room 104 and Ballers. It’s now being reported that personal details of Game of Thrones stars have […]