Dailymotion Confirms It Was Hit By Credential Stuffing Attack

Dailymotion, a widely used video sharing platform, has confirmed over the weekend that it was hit by a credential stuffing attack. This is a form of cyberattack where hackers use combinations of usernames and passwords that have leaked in earlier breaches and try to gain access through them on other websites.

Massive Data Breach Exposes 773 Million Emails And 21 Million Passwords

It’s always a good idea to check Have I Been Pwned, an online service that lets you check if your credentials were compromised in a data breach. Troy Hunt, the researcher who runs this service, broke the news about a massive data breach today. More than 773 million emails and 21 million passwords are included in this list.

North Korean Hackers Set Up Fake Interview To Access Chile’s ATM Network

It may not feel ethically right for some to search for other jobs on a work computer, but little did a Redbanc employee know that his job search would lead to North Korean hackers gaining access to Chile’s entire ATM network. The hackers had set up a Skype interview for a fake job in order to compromise his computer. Redbanc is the company the handles the entire ATM network in […]

Tesla Enters Model 3 Into Serious Hacking Contest Pwn2Own

Pwn2Own is a serious hacking competition that takes place every year. Security researchers from across the globe compete to crack browsers, enterprise applications, virtualization software, server-side software, and now automobiles in exchange for rewards. Tesla has entered the Model 3 into the contest to ensure that it remains safe from a cybersecurity point of view. The winning security researcher will walk away with a Model 3.


Hyatt Hotels Launches Its Own Bug Bounty Program

It’s common for tech companies to have a bug bounty program. That allows them to tap into the incredible talents of whitehat hackers who disclose vulnerabilities in their systems in exchange for a reward. Hyatt Hotels isn’t a tech company, it’s a major hospitality chain. However, in light of the recent card-skimming attacks against its properties, the hotel chain has launched its own bug bounty program.

Printers Hacked Once Again For PewDiePie

YouTuber PewDiePie currently has the most subscribers of any channel on the platform but his lead is increasingly coming under threat by T-Series, an Indian music label. His fans are going to great lengths to ensure that PewDiePie’s lead remains. Some even hacked printers worldwide to urge people to subscribe to this channel. It appears that the printer hackers have struck again.

Marriott Breach Traced To Hackers In China

Marriott, a global hotel chain, recently confirmed a data breach which resulted in personal information of more than 500 million guests being exposed. An investigation has since been underway and according to a new report, the hackers have been traced back to China. The hack is said to be part of a Chinese intelligence-gathering.

Russian Hackers Reportedly Used Recent Plane Crash As Phishing Bait

Many of you might be aware that a Lion Air 737 Max crashed shortly after takeoff in late October. All passengers and crew on board perished in this crash. Palo Alto Networks, a security firm, has sent out a new warning about APT 28. It’s an elite Russian hacking group that apparently used this plane crash as phishing bait. It’s one of the groups that were tied to the election […]

Hackers From North Korea Stole Millions From ATMs

Cybersecurity firm Symantec has released a new report claiming that hackers seemingly linked to the North Korean government stole tens of millions of dollars from ATMs across Asia and Africa. They used advanced trojan malware titled “Trojan.Fastcash” to carry out their operations. Lazarus is the hacking group said to be behind this. It infected the servers controlling these ATMs with the malware and were thus able to intercept their own […]

HSBC Accounts Accessed By Unauthorized Users In Security Incident

Global banking behemoth HSBC has confirmed a security incident this week which allowed unauthorized users to access online accounts. The company has confirmed the breach to authorities in California but has not disclosed how many of its customers were affected. Unauthorized users were able to access online accounts between October 4th, 2018 and October 14th, 2018.

Healthcare.gov System Breach Exposes Data Of 75,000 People

Personal and confidential data of some 75,000 people was leaked after hackers were able to access a government system used by insurance agents and brokers to sign up customers for healthcare plans. This system was connected to the Healthcare.gov website, the main landing page for anyone who wants to sign up for an insurance plan under the Affordable Care Act.

Apple’s Corporate Network Hacked By Australian Teenager

A Melbourne, Australia-based teenage hacker reportedly broke into Apple’s corporate network and was able to download almost 90GB of secure files. He was also able to access customer accounts using the information he obtained before he was caught. Court proceedings cited in a new report by The Age revealed this bizarre hack.

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Hackers Steal 600 Gallons Of Gas In Detroit

Local news reports from Detroit reveal that the police are looking for two suspects who allegedly managed to steal 600 gallons of gasoline from a gas station by hacking a gas pump. The theft is valued at around $1,800 and it took place in the middle of the day and was ongoing for almost 90 minutes. The gas station attendant was unable to do anything to stop the hackers.