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Game Boy Mod Works Like Magic
Playing classic Nintendo games, especially those of the Game Boy variety, should not be a strange experience to say the least, as there are many different emulators that are out there in the market. Wermy, however, has a different take on the original Game Boy – as he came up with a Game Boy Zero mod that you can see above.

Apple Extended Keyboard Runs With A Raspberry Pi B+ Heart
The Raspberry Pi has seen its fair share of hacks in the past, including that of a baby monitor, but here we are with yet another one that ought to bridge the gap between the old and the new. How about making use of one of the more notable keyboards of all time, and transforming it into a portable computer? We are referring to the vintage Apple Extended Keyboard (AEK) […]

GTA 4 Sports Watch Dogs Mod
When it comes to a game like Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 4, there has been mods released for it in the past. We have seen a GTA 4 Flappy Bird mod that is totally whacked out, and here we are with a really well done Watch Dogs mod for the very same title, and the verdict so far from those who have tried it out? Simply superb.

Skyrim Mod Turns Dragons Into Thomas The Tank Engine Trains
Now that Bethesda announced the release date for its Elder Scrolls Online, we’re sure those who religiously play Skyrim will soon migrate over to the highly-anticipated MMO. If you enjoy playing Skyrim on the PC, then you’re probably already aware of all the delightful mods that you can use to add a little something extra to your experience. But this mod will surely give you nightmares, or at least see trains […]


Xbox One Mod Makes It Possible To Play With PS4, 360, PS3 Controllers
So – you’ve got yourself an Xbox One and have been playing the snot out of Peggle 2 now that it’s available on the console. But, let’s say for the sake of argument that you really like the PlayStation 4 controller and want to trust your hands to it over the Xbox One’s controller. Well – a new mod can make it possible to do just that as well as play […]

Tron Legacy-Themed Nintendo 64
We sure have been seeing a lot of love for Nintendo’s last video game console to use game cartridges, the Nintendo 64, within the modding community. We recently saw the N64 Book Case Mod, which we felt would be a perfect modification for you if you love reading as much as you love your videos games. Today, we’re seeing another Nintendo 64 mod that pays homage to TRON Legacy.

This Modified SUV Puts Backseat Drivers In Control Of The Vehicle
We know how challenging driving can be for most people as we’re distracted by our smartphones, our extremely loud radios and our significant other gabbing about his or her work day. But the worst distraction is the backseat driver, which seems to know more about anything than anyone else in the vehicle. Since backseat drivers think they know so much, this modification that puts them in control of the vehicle […]

Sony Xperia Z Gets Physical Shutter Button Via Mod
Sony Xperia Z gets a physical camera shutter button.

The Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask Mod Places Nicholas Cage's Face On Everything
For several years now, it seems Nicholas Cage has been in every movie possible, or at least has attempted to be somewhat included in nearly every film. Because of that, the internet has decided putting his face on pretty much anything and everything should be a thing, the results of which will probably terrify you and make you wish you could have the power to unsee things. This might be […]

These SNES Headphones Are Definitely Unique
Headphones come in all shapes and sizes, some more flashy for the more fashion conscious, to more conservative and otherwise boring-looking models which are either priced really cheap, or cater to the audiophile who don’t really care how their headphones look like, but are more concerned about the sound. In any case for those looking for more flashy type of headphones, perhaps this modded pair of headphones might be of […]

The Gameboo Game Boy Mod May Be The Ultimate Portable Gaming Device
We don’t know what’s up with you old-school gaming modders and your fascination with the Nintendo Game Boy as not too long ago, we saw the classic handheld combined with a Galaxy Nexus and Wii Remote innards. Now, another modder has used the Game Boy’s body to create quite the ultimate portable gaming device we’ve seen in a long time.Dubbed “The Gameboo,” the modification completely replaces the innards of the Game […]

Android Gamepad Fuses Gameboy Case With Wii Remote Innards
We’ve seen some impressive old-school video game controllers being used to play Android games, and today, we caught wind of another modification that uses the body of a Gameboy in order to play old-school games on a Galaxy Nexus.Instructables user “alpinedelta” put together this mod as he wanted to play Nintendo emulators on his phone, but wasn’t a fan of the touch screen inputs. He didn’t just want to buy a commercial […]

Portable SNES Mod Features 10+ Hours Of Gameplay In Shock-Proof Case
Portable gaming has become quite big recently with the release of Nintendo’s 3DS, Sony’s PS Vita and of course, with the rise in popularity of iOS and Android phones and tablets. What hasn’t exactly taken off is making full-sized consoles of yesteryear portable, but after seeing this portable SNES, it might spark a trend of making old consoles new again with the addition of portability.A modded known as robotairz on […]

BASIC pocket PC is Ben Heck’s latest modding effort
Modding guru Ben Heck has had his fair share of hits in the past (with very few, or no misses at all) and we are pleased to note that he has yet to hang up his modding gloves to date. Hopefully he will never stop, and his latest project would be this BASIC pocket computer that you see above (image from Engadget), where this particular device will requires parts from […]

Lightning McQueen modded to carry 500W electric motor
Did you watch Pixar’s Cars and its sequel? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you might be interested to know that this motion picture has its fair share of following, especially among the younger generation. For those who have a soft spot for Lightning McQueen, you might want to check out what this doting father of Evan has to play with before Christmas. Evan’s dad, Sean, who works […]

iPhone 4S mod adds built-in wireless charging
The ability to charge a phone wirelessly is currently a luxury in the smartphone market. It is only available as an aftermarket modification by using a wireless charger pad and case. Tanveer, a doctor by day and a modder at night, has developed a process to eliminate the need of a case when wirelessly charging an iPhone 4s.

Fall of the Space Core mod for Skyrim is funny
Valve has just released a new mod for Skyrim on the Steam Workshop called Fall of the Space Core, Vol.1. Created using the Skyrim Creative Kit by Bethesda, the mod adds a Space Core from the world of Portal (Valve’s own popular game franchise) directly into your Skyrim game. While the Space Core doesn’t seem to do anything other than utter its usual phrases, and let you kick it around […]

iPhone Apple logo glow mod available for $42.90
MacBook Pro/Air owners can probably appreciate how the Apple logo on the lid of their laptops glows when the device is on. It’s a minor feature but attention to detail and minor aesthetics really makes a difference, and if you wish that your iPhone 4/4S’s Apple logo could glow as well, K.O. Gadget has a mod for your iPhone that will achieve a similar effect as well.

Lenovo X1 Arcade Dock Mod
I can only look on at the Lenovo X1 Arcade Dock Mod above and marvel, wishing I had half the mad engineering skills that Dean Liou, PC modification extraordinaire, possesses. In fact, I think that even he himself is more than pleased with his latest creation, being one of the coolest arcade dock mod ever. It comes with a 15″ widescreen ThinkPad X1 that has been incorporated into the cabinet […]

Remote controlled Camaro carries Xbox 360 within
If this is not worthy of the Transformers badge, then I would not know what is. Your eyes might just see a yellow Camaro that reminds you of Bumblebee from the Transformers movies, but what is it doing with an Xbox 360 controller on the outside? Well, that is because inside this remote controlled Camaro, lies a fully functional Xbox 360 Slim. I can just imagine being in an apartment, […]