Loopt Star Shows Nearby Deals

Loopt Star, the location based social network iPhone application, added a new feature called “Rewards Nearby”: loopters are notified about deals from participating brands within a 20 miles radius. Today Loopt added rewards from Steve Madden: users can now check into participating Steve Madden stores to receive a 20% discount on any purchase of $50 or more. Advertisers are able to customize the availability of their rewards, for example the radius can be restricted to one, five or 10 miles. Currently, Loopt Star includes reward offerings with The Gap, Steve Madden, Element, Paul Frank, free music through the Discover The Music Around You Reward, and more.

I personally do not use Loopt, I prefer Foursquare, Gowallaand TellMeWhere. In this tough economy, it could be a good idea to check in Loopt Star as well to get the rewards.

Rewards Nearby feature details (from the press release):

  • Rewards Nearby helps people plan their citywide journeys, picking up on deals along the way. The feature will appear on the “Check In” tab, displaying rewards in the user’s vicinity (up to 20 miles away).
  • Brands will be able to customize the visibility of their reward, whether they want to reach users in a one-, five-, 10-mile radius, or further. (For instance, a retailer with a high-priced, high-value discount may want their reward visible 5-10 miles away — users might drive across town to take advantage. A convenience store might be an “around the corner” reward.)
  • The new feature breaks through to rewards that are too far away check-in (capability is limited to 500 meters, to ensure the user is actually at the location).

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