App Turns iPad Into An X Terminal

If the recent Chromium OS installation on Apple’s iPad didn’t tickle your fancy, perhaps something from StarNet Communications will. The company has announced its iLIVEx app that is capable of turning the iPad into an X terminal, often referred to as a dumb terminal since the data processing is done on the server side. With this $14.99 app, users will be able to connect to Unix and Linux desktops and applications hosted on remote Unix and Linux services, including Flash. The company claims that it uses an ultrathin data transfer protocol that allows for LAN-like performance, even when using 3G connections. Of course, it’s not exactly running the whole Linux installation on your iPad, but it’s probably the closest Apple-approved solution at the moment. Benefits of this solution include Flash support, multitasking, persistency (where users can reconnect to their remote session anytime and continue what they were doing), and desktop switching.

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