TuneLink Auto audio streamer for your iDevice

If you happen to be a proud new owner of an iPod touch, iPhone or iPad, then you might want to consider the TuneLink Auto from New Potato Technologies which is actually an audio streamer. To put it in layman’s terms, the TuneLink Auto is capable of sending audio from any of the mentioned iDevices from Apple to a car stereo or any other FM receiver thanks to a clever combination of Bluetooth connectivity and FM radio signals. Not only that, the TuneLink Auto also adds another dimension to iPad owners since it comes with a USB charging port which is capable of juicing up the iPad. A relevant and very necessary app will be made free and available through iTunes. Shipping for $100 at stores soon, you can also take the wired route thanks to a 3.5mm audio jack. An essential purchase? Definitely not, but it is worth checking out of music’s a huge part of your life. [Press Release]

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