Most modern cars these days come with an electronic speed limiter – no doubt to prevent you from maximizing the full potential of your car’s engine. Of course, there is also another good reason for that, which is to prevent you from flooring the pedal and not having the skill to drive at such high speeds safely. Well, Ford’s MyKey system has just gotten another update where one of the most important changes would be to limit the top speed of the vehicle even further. Originally, before the update, the driver’s top speed could be set to 80 mph, but now you can use the MyKey to cap it off at 65, 70, 75 and 80 mph speeds, effectively giving parents even more control over their youngling’s driving habits. Not only that, it can also block explicit Sirius satellite radio channels whenever teens are at the wheel, doing your bit to prevent them from being contaminated by this morally corrupt world. We don’t think the teens would be too thrilled though, and they might ask the parents to buy any other make apart from Ford.

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