xbox-one-snap-modeMicrosoft has kept to their promise with their July update for the Xbox One console, where owners of the Xbox One will now be able to take advantage of the ability to double tap the Xbox button in order to snap an app. Apart from that, gamers too, will be able to check out a brand new snap mode when it comes to achievements, and for those who have yet to receive the update on your respective Xbox One consoles, perhaps a little bit of patience on your part might be able to do the trick.

This particular Xbox One July update has undergone the testing phase through Microsoft’s Xbox One preview program, and it ought to experience a worldwide roll out in the days to come. For those living in select regions, you can also keep your fingers crossed that you will be on the receiving end of additional voice control choices.

It is nice to see the Xbox One show off a near fanatical level of consistency when it comes to regular software updates, which is a vast improvement in the eyes of many compared to its predecessor, whereby the Xbox 360 used to be subjected to an annual or biannual update.

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