cs-halloweenAt the end of this month, chances are pretty high that you will have received invitations to various Halloween parties, and while you are still up in the air as to which particular fancy dress costume to go in, without being a repeat vampire, mummy or zombie, why not skip all of the social engagements out there and decide to spend the time at home, playing some Counter-strike: Global Offensive? Yup, that is correct – it might not be the latest game in town, but it has a new update that will see range of new cosmetic touches thrown into the mix.

In the latest update for Counter-strike: Global Offensive, one will find that there will be masks that can be worn, while “Ghost In The (Spent) Shell” translates to you being able to view the ghosts of your fallen comrades who happen to haunt the battlefield. Chilling, don’t you think so? Not only that, there is also “A Murder Most Fowl” where All Hollow’s Eve points to the fact that there is no more room available in Chicken Hell, so you might want to think twice about slaughtering all of those chickens that roam around. Of course, this update will not feature just fun and all that jazz, since the developers have also decided to throw in a number of fixes and tweaks into the mix for a more stable and comprehensive gaming experience in the long run of things.

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