[CES 2011] Asus certainly loves making concepts a sub-theme at each CES, where we looked at the e-reader and Waveform ideas last year. This time around, it follows the natural progression of getting slimmer and thinner as Asus showcases newer concepts that ought to elicit drool from our future-forward looking readers. First of all, you can tell that these concepts on display are really, really slim – paper thin, in fact, when it comes to the displays. More on these in the extended post – there are around 5 different concepts in total to check out.


The Iris Pro that you see above is part of the Iris series (which has been described to be an adaptive personal device concept), and the display itself actually works, changing from one image to another, although we didn’t see any really smooth animation going on. Still, it looks far too fragile for everyday use, and hopefully the final product, if it ever is made into flesh, will comprise of a tough kind of material.

As for the Iris concept above, it is more of an e-reader kind of device than anything else, and is surely far lighter and much more portable compared to any ebook reader device on the market at the moment. It would be interesting to see what kind of power source something so thin uses – will the screen itself have integrated solar-panels to help it juice up whenever you are not using it? Perhaps it can double up as some sort of sunshade in your car when traveling…

The Iris Home that you see right above? We don’t really know what it does, and what it is, but surely it warrants a cool mention for its form factor. We suppose you can open it up in some way, showing off a larger display of sorts, but we hope that Asus will shed more light on the situation in due time. As for the Iris Core right below, this looks like some sort of translucent display timepiece that will definitely be a hit with the ladies. Fashion labels who want to stand out from the pack while offering something totally different might want to knock on Asus’ doors pretty soon to see if they can work together and come up with a pocket-friendly and stylish solution.

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