Asus Waveface concepts

[CES 2010] As with any other decent CES, Asus plays with new concepts by introducing the Waveface Casa, Waveface Light and Waveface Ultra. The Waveface Casa comprises of a large widescreen display which functions as an entertainment center and internet portal. Interesting thing is this – whenever you are not using it, there appears a flexible, decorative cover which allows only tiny areas to show off contextually-relevant information. We see a huge third-party market for images to be printed on changeable decorative covers. As for the Waveface Light, you get a touchscreen display with a soft, flexible material behind it, allowing one to use theLight as a standard screen-keyboard when interfacing to a cloud. Alternatively, it can function as a flat, single-display tablet. Last but not least would be the Waveface Ultra, a portable device that is worn like a watch, allowing tou to access information and services according to your whims and fancies. As to the type of information and services available, we’re probably looking at social networking, email, RSS feeds, the works.

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