Articles about CES 2011

Asus MeMo glasses-free 3D tablet at Computex 2011
Stereoscopic 3D technology is being pushed by many consumer electronics manufacturers as the next frontier for your living room, and we have seen models which feature active shutter as well as passive shutter glasses, but the next big step would be to enjoy 3D viewing without the need to wear those glasses. Such thinking has seen prototypes being developed, and the same applies for computer monitors and now, tablets.3D tablets […]

Samsung RMC30D1 touchscreen remote control visits the FCC
You might have spotted Samsung’s RMC30D1 touchscreen remote control at CES recently and if you were dreaming of getting your hands on one, the good news is that the device has paid a visit to the FCC. While there isn’t any confirmation of pricing or availability just yet, we do know that it will offer a 3-inch touchscreen display and control almost any IR device, though the device might have […]

3D TV Schizophrenia @ CES
Do you remember how last year you’ve been told that active-shutter glasses* where fundamentally the best thing in the world and that passive-glasses were terrible? Well, this year, a number of companies have flipped and now say that passive glasses are the new hot thing. (*active shutter glasses are battery-operated, and use an infra-red signal from your TV to alternatively block images from going to your left or right eye)We’ve […]

CES Trends That You Should Not Miss
[CES 2011] CES 2011 was an unanimously better CES than 2010. There were more interesting announcements, better (and smarter) technology, and a lot of products did seem to have genuine user-centric qualities. Obviously, consumer electronics manufacturers always try to make something that “sells”, but with difficult economic times, they had to question their old ways, and realize that there’s stuff that we “need” and those that we “want”. You might […]


Sony OLED VR goggles make you look like Geordi La Forge from Star Trek
Sony recently demonstrated a virtual reality headset that they have been working on. A pair of futuristic looking glasses that pack two tiny OLED screens for you to experience HD video (1280 x 720) with integrated headphones that simulate high quality 5.1 channel surround sound. The two screens work together to give you an immersive 3D experience by presenting each eye with a slightly different image. Besides making you look […]

Denso Passenger Eye prevents tired drivers from crashing
It’s 3 am and you still have 3 more hours of driving ahead of you before you get home from an interstate trip with your family. Your eyelids feel heavy, and you start to doze off. Your car starts to slowly drift into the next lane and you hear the sounds of car horns blaring around you. You quickly wake up from the brief slumber and correct your car’s position. […]

NOX Audio Admiral Touch wireless headphones run Android
Adding to the list of devices running on Android, we have the NOX wireless headphones. Revealed at CES last week, NOX Audio’s Admiral Touch wireless headphones run on Android and feature a 2.4″ gesture aware touchscreen. Probably the first Android device of its kind, the Admiral Touch has WiFi capabilities, 7.1 surround sound, as well as support for pretty much anything that features a 3.5mm audio jack. With the device […]

OmniVision OV10810 CMOS image sensor shoots 10MP photos
[CES 2011] What makes the OmniVision OV10810 CMOS image sensor sexy? How about its ability to shoot 10-megapixel photos while you’re recording 1080p videos? Yeah, that what we’re talking about, a high megapixel count that is not normally found on most HD video recording devices. The OV10810 (in theory) works brilliantly – imagine you want to freeze frame that particular moment, just tap the screen and it will be done […]

Samsung SCH-LC11 Verizon LTE pocket router showcased at CES
[CES 2011] We previously noticed Samsung’s SCH-LC11 pocket LTE router pay a visit to the FCC and now Samsung has announced the device and put it on show at CES 2011. With this handy little device, Verizon subscribers will be able to create their own Wi-Fi hotspots that are powered by Verizon’s LTE network, allowing up to five Wi-Fi devices to enjoy the speedy connection. The dual-mode LTE modem supports […]

Touch UI offers a touch-sensitive back for the iPhone
[CES 2011] We had previously heard rumors of an iPhone that might feature a touch-sensitive back panel but some folks out there have already gone ahead with the idea and created an accessory that does just that. The Touch UI accessory is an iPhone case that offers a secondary touch surface at the back, allowing you to use gesture controls using your fingers there. Gestures include navigating the browser, jumping to […]

Demy Digital Recipe E-Book Reader with Thermometer
[CES 2011] Demy is a digital recipe reader that holds thousands of recipes and synch with the user’s account at, a site entirely dedicated to collecting and sharing cooking tips and recipes. Demy is an e-reader built-in a robust and bulky chassis, specifically designed to be placed on your kitchen counter top and resist any cooking session hazard such as dirty fingers, liquid spill and chocks (not fire resistant […]

Sony Shows Glasses-Less OLED 3D TVs
Sony was demonstrating glasses-less OLED 3D capable displays in its booth. The demonstration was effective, and the color/brightness/contrast was really good (granted, the demo was done in a dark room). Sony had the good taste of using a fairly subtle demo instead of the video content that “pops” out. Although it was 24.5″ big, the 3D OLED display seemed fairly small during the demo. This is partly due to the […]

Microsoft Surface 2, Hiding @ CES
Microsoft was showing Surface 2 discreetly behind closed doors (even folks at the MS booth didn’t know about it, lol) and this second edition has been built in partnership with Samsung (we’re talking about the hardware only). So what’s new? Well, the new surface is less bulky and it looks arguably a lot better than the first iteration. Samsung did a good job with the display. The screen resolution is […]

Samsung 9 Series notebook priced
[CES 2011] Samsung’s upcoming range of 9 Series notebooks has just been priced, but before we continue to that, let us tell you more about its innards and why you should consider bringing this puppy home if you’ve been looking out for a new notebook for some time. First of all, this 13.3-inch machine will sport a delicious LED-backlit display that has 400 nits of brightness, while running on an […]

Book Saver digitizes your tomes one page at a time
[CES 2011] Love doing reading, but you hate it when your friends want to borrow your books? Well, that can be solved with the Book Saver from Ion – it basically takes everything from a book and transforms it into an e-reader-friendly format. All you need to do is make sure the book you want to save for posterity will fit within the confines of the Book Saver, click the […]

iCADE is now a reality
[CES 2011] Guess dreams do come true after all for some people, right? What was originally a prank idea has been turned into reality, thanks to the people at Ion. We’re talking about the iCADE arcade cabinet that will specially house the iPad, turning it into an authentic, arcade-style cabinet complete with the usual joystick and eight arcade buttons to have you gaming almost right out of the box. Hopefully […]

Go bowling with CTA Digital
[CES 2011] Near where Lady Gaga performed at the Tiffen booth is CTA Digital with their range of video game accessories that had a fair number of visitors trying them out. Apart from the inflatable Mario Karts that deliver a more realistic experience, CTA Digital has also shown off the aptly named “Bowling Ball for PlayStation Move”. Of course, some of you might say that this resembles the Great Eye […]

Cash out with Dynamics MultiAccount new credit cards
[CES 2011] Ever wondered how the credit card will evolve from what it is today? Dynamics has the answer with their MultiAccount credit cards which will be able to merge multiple accounts onto a single card, letting you choose the type that you want to use whenever the cashier is ready to ring up your purchases. The selected acount will be indicated via a tiny blinking light located next to […]

Mindflex Duel tests your mental strength
[CES 2011] Ever wondered why some people are able to pull through difficult or high pressure situations better than others? Apart from training and conditioning, we are wont to say that they too have a pretty strong mind of their own. Well, Mattel might have just stumbled upon the next Jedi Mind Trick wannabe – the Mindflex Duel game. Based on the original Mindflex, the Mindflex Duel will pit two […]

Hot Wheels Video Racer Vehicle
[CES 2011] Remember the VholdR ContourHD action camera that is mounted on your helmet before you perform some sort of death-defying stunt? Well, Mattel intends to miniaturize that experience (albeit at the price of quality, of course) with their Hot Wheels Video Racer Vehicle. What makes this Video Racer interesting is, the race car itself sports a camera lens on the front, a USB port at the back, and an […]